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CCC-BLD 01-03 Bleeding Gate: Lineage $4.99
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by Gionmattia C. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/04/2018 17:10:55

Played a few days ago with my players: they really enjoyed the conclusion of this series, even if it was a 4h-adventure, they were really into it. The story is fashinating and interesting: one of my player is looking for every other adventure in which there are items or references to the Peacesmith order, while another one was really moved by Saultrophine backstory.Mastering this chapter can be a little difficult though (certain events are timed), but the supplement is way too useful and helps a lot in organising the table (i loved the table tents with the effects of the far realm).

I hope we will have other adventures linked to the story written here (or, if they are, could someone tell me where they are?).

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Creator Reply:
I'm so glad you all had fun and that the tents were as helpful as I hoped.

At the moment these are the only adventures referencing Emudomier or the Peacesmith. I'm working on more for future release. In the meantime, as a DM you could alter NPCs to be Peacesmith--describe the assistant to royalty as wearing the clasped-hand Peacesmith symbol on their tunic and using negotiation techniques like those listed on the handout, put a weathered tattoo on a farmer who turns out to be a retired Peacesmith, have them speak with a child who whispers "The Peacestone glowed when I touched it too. I'm gonna be like you when I grow up."

Thank you for the review! You can follow me on Twitter for updates, @MaatCrook.
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CCC-BLD 01-03 Bleeding Gate: Lineage
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