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DDEX3-02 Shackles of Blood (5e) $3.99
Publisher: Wizards of the Coast
by Customer Name Withheld [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/29/2018 14:25:20

My players did not enjoy this adventure at all. As other reviewers have noted, there's a hard railroad in this adventure. I had the quest-giver foreshadow this, and the players immediately recognized that the ambush was overwhelming in an attempt to railroad, but they insisted on fighting through it anyway. They were so annoyed that I felt like I had to skip over most of the middle part to just get to the action of the arena and finish up the adventure. Even then, one of the players sat out the fight because they were so annoyed by the railroad.

Redeeming features:

  • If you're going to do any follow-ups that involve the Red Plumes, this will make sure the players hate them with a burning passion.
  • The arena set-up was cool (but the map was extremely hard to read when printed out, and I missed some of the important arena features).

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DDEX3-02 Shackles of Blood (5e)
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