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DM Notes & Maps for Desert of Desolation Maps (I3-I5) $10.00
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by Mark S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/13/2018 23:35:54

The Desert of Desolation series is one of my all time favorite adventure series. I've ran the original modules and the I3-5 supermodule more times than I can remember. Some years ago I stumbled across a series of colorful maps made with the Dundjinni program. They were amazing renditions of the maps from the DoD series, but I could never find more than a handful.

When I saw this product for sale, I went to the few maps I had to look for the author. The author of this map kit is the same who made those amazing color maps years ago. On that fact alone, I purchased the DoD map kit.

I am not disappointed. The maps I remember are all there, with many new detail maps I have never seen before. The quality is excellent (with one exception, noted below), suitable for use with tabletop TV and projector systems, or with online sites like Roll20. The maps cover the gamut needed to run the entire DoD series, either with the original three modules or the supermodule.

My only complaint is with the full Desert of Desolation map. The resolution is very low, making closeup views of the map pixilated.

As the author of the Classic Modules Today, D&D 5e conversions of the Oasis of the White Palm, Lost Tomb of Martek, and Desert of Desolation modules, I highly recommend picking up this map kit to use when you run these adventures. You won't be disappointed.

[5 of 5 Stars!]
Creator Reply:
Thanks for those flattering words Mark.

After finishing my new map kit for the B5 Horror on the Hill series, I might just go back and redo the regional map as it's the one thing I was not completely happy with. I'm thinking of doing two versions of it, a "flat" classic look version and a stylized version of it. We'll see how quickly I finish this other project first. Again, thanks for those kind words.
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DM Notes & Maps for Desert of Desolation Maps (I3-I5)
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