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Saurian, an Original Race for D&D 5e $0.95
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by Richard M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/12/2018 00:07:17

Saurian is a certified DM's Guild Masterpiece by the Going Last Tabletop Gaming Podcast!

Look, you know you want to play a dinosaur. Don't even bother trying to pretend that after reading the description of this product you aren't excited out of your mind to play your very own Ankylosaurus Paladin or a Tyrannosaurus Barbarian. You are, even now, freaking out and hoping that this book has the rules you need.

Spoilers: it does.

Author Benjamin Huffman has done a great work outlining the Saurians, a race tied to primordial behemoths who once ruled the world. Ages later, these mighty beasts have evolved into five unique subraces that are perfectly described. Ankylos, Plesios, Pteradas, Triceras, and Tyrannos—each have abilities that are well thought out and hearken back to exactly what we wanted from these dinosaurs back when we were kids. Even better, Huffman has given each a position in Saurian society, providing the backbone of a traditional, castebound culture that has me searching for my copy of Dinotopia.

Plus, Huffman added more content after folks scooped this up? New Saurian's like the Deinony and the Sarchos? Those are solid editions to this work, written long after I first purchased this pdf!

This short document is packed with flavor, though it leaves many questions about how to add Saurians to your campaign. Where is this unique society based? How did they impact society over the ages? How do they interact with Dragonborn? How is a Saurian society built? Sadly, rather than answer these questions, Huffman leaves each DM to fit them into their world in their own way.

This is a playful, fun product with tons of potential. Maybe the Saurians will find their way into the wilds of your Tomb of Annihilation campaign! (Specifically, that Ankylos Paladin needs a job as an eternal tomb guardian.)

You can hear more of my thoughts about Saurian on Episode 196 of Going Last!

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Saurian, an Original Race for D&D 5e
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