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The Fate of the Gwylings $2.99
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by Richard M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/11/2018 00:22:50

The Fate of the Gwylings is a certified DM's Guild Masterpiece by the Going Last Tabletop Gaming Podcast!

Author Will Hindmarch has created a beautiful guide to a race of mythical explorers. The Gwylings are a little-known species, existing on the edge of the Feywild, that fill their short lives with curiousity and wonder. Driven to experience the world around them before their years run out, the Gwylings are ideal lorekeepers and students of culture.

Now, if this book only contained the Gwylings in their current, fully realized form, this would be completely worth it. The Gwylings are beautiful, ethereal, and haunting in an incredible way. But Hindmarch has done much more here to fit his new mythic race into any campaign world.

To add a sense of permanence and inclusion to the Gwylings, the home village of Inness is included, as are ways to develop new settlements with Gwyling themes. The Kindlings are a faction of lorists, providing quests and rewards for those who seek to spread and gain knowledge. Finally, the book details important magic items, NPCs, and new fae monsters apt for any campaign featuring the Gwylings.

A few parts of this book also provide excellent options for any campaign. The Sojourner background is perfect for any sort of wandering PC, Gwyling or not, and the Mystic Linguist feat is perfect for the character that wants to talk to everyone they meet.

The Fate of the Gwylings is an incredible book, fully detailing a wonderful race and allowing any DM to populate their world with these quests for knowledge and exploration. Hindmarch has created a book that easily recieves my highest recommendation!

You can hear more of my thoughts about The Fate of the Gwylings on Episode 205 of Going Last!

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The Fate of the Gwylings
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