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Adamantine Chef: Supreme Challenge $4.99
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by Richard M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/18/2018 23:18:18

Adamantine Chef is a certified DM's Guild Masterpiece by the Going Last Tabletop Gaming Podcast!

Full disclosure: I'm a friend of author Teos Abadia. I'm not saying that to discount my review. Oh no, I'm saying it to BRAG. Teos is a creative D&D genius, and I was fortunate enough to sit down and have him run this adventure for me and some friends. I have since waited almost two years to review this adventure and, dagnabbit, I'm gonna review it now!

Buy. This. Adventure. I promise that you've never played anything quite like it.

To begin, players run into the unlucky Chef Mu Pan, who is making his way to compete in the Supreme Challenge to become the new Adamantine Chef. Unfortunately, Mu Pan's opponent has no shortage of cunning and wishes to win the battle before the competition begins! The party must protect Mu Pan, allow him to compete, and spend a surprising amount of time dealing with Mu Pan's family problems! Meanwhile, with plenty of martial arts, haiku competitions and animal hunts, and a major food fight, every player is going to find something fun in this adventure.

Abadia's adventure allows a DM to bring far Kara-Tur into any campaign with this one-shot adventure. What makes it really special is the strangeness and wonder of bringing this cooking competition to life! As the adventure continues, players really start to find themselves fighting for Chef Mu Pan. It's very rare to have not only a clear villain in a story, but a mountain of NPCs that the players are meant to assist and save from constant doom. That it's done in in such a fun and, dare I say, flavorful way is absolutely remarkable.

Adamantine Chef is a delightful adventure that continually surprises players. I absolutely loved it and I found myself laughing constantly during the game as I heard a new play on either Iron Chef or the names Chinese-American dishes. Like Sage Tso, the retired General? Come on. How perfect is that?

If you haven't played it yet, then this is the best adventure you've never played. Get on it!

You can hear more of my thoughts about Adamantine Chef on Episode 175 of Going Last!

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Adamantine Chef: Supreme Challenge
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