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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by Hiten D. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 10/22/2017 14:00:04

Just ran my group through the first phase. Love it! The inclusion of maps helps me run it on Roll20, unlike several other products.

A couple of minor things/preferences:

It would have been even sweeter if there were a scaled map for the canyon encounters. Those sound quite amazing!

Regading the estate area: The lack of a saving throw to avoid falling into the pit seemed a bit unfair (at least when a new DM like myself tries to narrate that for a group of veteran players). I understand I can "do what I want" but I want to confirm if the lack of a saving throw is an error. And if not, I'd just like to hear Tony's rational so I can try to make sense of it when I narrate it. Is it supposed to be a "floor underneath you collapses?" Perhaps an acrobatics check to grab onto the ledge and remain hanging? I don't know. I also wasn't sure what sort of distance to allow perception checks (when NOT in combat, of course) to notice them.

Overall, great stuff! The more you release products like these with maps, the more you will have me as a loyal customer.

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Creator Reply:
Hey Dave, thanks for the kind words and feedback. Glad your group had fun!

Regarding the pit traps - 5e pit traps work that way as written. If you check the examples on page 122 of the DMG there are chances to notice the trap door or concealment before stepping on the pit, but once stepped upon... no saves, just falls. So I was just sticking to the standard.

Of course, as you say, you can always make it up - probably a hard (DC 15... or maybe 20) Dexterity (acrobatics) or Strength (athletics) check to catch yourself or jump away before falling in. That said, we had lots of laughs pretty much every time the fighter type charged and got thwarted by a pit. Kinda became a running gag at my tables... but if its not fun for yours, no doubt switch it up!

Thanks again!
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Killer Kobolds!
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