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The Triboar Trilogy - Adventure Pack $2.95
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by Fionnuala J. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 06/04/2017 07:19:49

DISCLAIMER: I've only GMed Temple of the Nightbringers and Terror at Triboar. Party size has been only 2.

Wellwritten stories that one might have to adjust. My players have enjoyed playing through these adventures more than I enjoyed GMing them I think. I often have to lower skill DCs; imho the amount of DC 15s low level characters have to pass is a little rediculous, and in TotN there is a DC 20 check coupled with a DC 15, albeit at the end of the adventure. I've had to adjust rewards as well as they can be overly generous.

I've also had trouble following the flow of the adventure the way it's written; sometimes it feels as if information that could be useful in the scene is only mentioned later on in the adventure. However that is a more a personal thing as I have terrible short term memory and have to have all the info in front of me.

These are problems I have with all the M.T. Black's adventures I've GMed, but the stories themselves keep drawing me back to them as they're exciting and have interesting characters. If I could give it 3.7 stars I would, as they're not quite up to 4 stars in my opinion, but regardless of my quibbles this adventure pack is well-worth the low price!

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The Triboar Trilogy - Adventure Pack
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