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Serpent Isle $4.95
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by Garrett M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/26/2017 16:24:29

Serpent Isle has provided me (A first time DM) with an incredibly solid base from which to run a successful campaign for my group (Many of whom are first time players). The layout of the provided PDF was incredibly easy to pick up, and [nearly] everything is provided (The PDF I bought is missing the creature encounter table, but I found it provided in the comments section).

Serpent Isle is mostly an adventure play-style, with heavy combat emphasis. The story provides the PC's freedom of choice, but many of the quest lines follow the "Go here, fight, return" motif. There are limited options for Role Playing, as the environment of the island is hostile in nature, and few enemies are willing to talk.

As I stated, I felt this campaign was a solid base from which to build. It could be run stock of course, but I desired more Role-playing in my campaign- So I took the liberty of adding a few things that flowed well in the story. The map has plenty of large, open spaces, so why not add another town or two? Perhaps you can find a shanty town full of ship-wrecked merchants, or a rebellious faction of Yuan-Ti purebloods that seek world domination in their own way? Of course, it's also fun to liven up the provided NPC's- Adding romance, personal quirks, funny voices, you name it. Have fun creating, I say.

I nearly gave this campain 4 stars instead of 5 for it's lack of Role-Playing elements, but I assumed the creator had a different flavor of campaign in mind that simply differed from my own. I've enjoyed building from the stock campaign, and this experience has given me much more confidence in building my own from scratch in the future. So thanks for the adventure, the learning experience, and most of all, the cheap cost!

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Serpent Isle
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