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The Sanguine Tide - Background & Part 1 (5E) $0.00
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by Zachary G S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/17/2017 02:52:33

Overall Solid campaign for beginners. This part of the campaign allows for flexible player interactions and provides a good framework for new players/DMs to follow as they get their feet wet in the D&D universe. This campaign can also partner quite well with "Lost Mine of Phandelver" to add an interesting side story line that players could stumble in to. The combat up to the boss battle is fairly simple and straight forward for a 4 person party of players of level 1-3, however the boss proved to be very difficult even for a four person party of level 2s. SPOILERS AHEAD! To creator: A few suggestions for improvements would be to include some more information on the starting location of Neverwinter, including some NPCs, and pricelists for merchants because of the price hikes mentioned in the background. The story seems kind of slow on the way from Neverwinter and should maybe have a few encounters on the road. Possibly add in some ideas about what might happen if the adventurers hid in the forest and followed the thralls that were coming down the trail on the way to the tower in the woods. Also when the party encounters the two lesser vampires it is not clear to the DM that they are in fact Vampires so perhaps add a "see lesser vampire sheet" note to that encounter. As mentioned above, the boss is fairly difficult to a low level party and my band of 4 level 2s had quite a challenge finishing him. A possible remedy to this would be to add a few more chances for the party to gain a good amount of XP so they could possibly level up or nerfing the boss a bit by limiting his abilities or Hit Points. IF you lowered the boss quite a bit you could also have him send some thralls at the party to keep the combat interesting. Altogether a very good first campaign, well done.

UPDATE: Creator quickly resolved the minor issues I outlined and my new rating reflects his willingness to improve upon his campaigns. I look forward to playing through more of them and I will be purchasing any future installments. I recommend them highly!

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The Sanguine Tide - Background & Part 1 (5E)
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