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Council Of Waterdeep Pay What You Want
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by Charles M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 12/13/2016 07:27:16

I wasn't sure what was in this, so I grabbed it and thought that I'd provide some explanation. It has five pages inside, each of which is an A4 full colour guide to one of the factions. Roughly equal space is given to art and text, so these pages are attractive but not hugely comprehensive. For example, the one for the Emerald Enclave is 317 words long. However, this is probably a good length for the players to take in, so that is good.

The front cover ostensibly depicts Waterdeep, but sadly it doesn't match the images or descriptions of the city found elsewhere. The art otherwise is good, with evocative images of Zhentarim crouching on rooftops and the like. The images of the NPCs are perhaps too small for the page size.

One thing to note is that the Lord's Alliance page lists Laeral Silverhand, not Dagult Neverember, so you'll not be able to use these until after the first council meeting. The file is also in PDF, and so you cannot alter them if needed; this means that I won't be able to use these, as I'll be using Peirgeron the Paladinson as the Open Lord in my campaign, but that's more my fault than the author's.

Recommended, but you'll probably want to hack the Lord's Alliance page to make it more useful.

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Council Of Waterdeep
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