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The Saurials of the Lost Vale $4.99
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by Tony P. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 10/10/2016 20:10:25

Within the 99 pages of The Saurials of the Lost Vale Chris Constantin goes above and beyond the call of duty bringing this unique and fantastic race to life.

Mechanically, the Saurial race and its four subraces are well balanced and ready to play in any Fifth Edition Dungeons and Dragons game. But speaking as someone who's taken a crack at writing playable races - the mechanics, though nothing to scoff at, are the easy part. The glory of this product is in its amazingly thorough depth.

Chris presents a detailed description of Saurial history and society, fleshes out a complete pantheon of deities and provides ready placemnt for all within the Forgotten Realms. New weapons, new equipment and new feats offer new and unique customization's for your players. What's more, you'll also find new class options - a new Barbarian Totem, new Bardic College, new Sorcerer Origin, and new Pact Boons and a new Patron for your warlocks.

And that's just half the book. You also get a detailed geography of The Lost Vale, complete with NPCs and adventure hooks, plus a thoroughly fleshed out Saurial Homeworld and nearly two dozen new monsters.

This is an impressive product I heartily recommend. Read more of my review here -

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The Saurials of the Lost Vale
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