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Cormyr In The Year Of The Ageless One $0.00
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by Valerie E. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/31/2016 18:52:34

Nearly everything one needs to DM a game in Cormyr!

I love the section on rumors. That felt like reading one of the old sourcebooks where many could be used as a splash of background color or a curious plothook to explore further. I have trouble telling which ones are original and which ones are brewed from a quick setence straight out of Ed's books in this time and place. The War Wizard entries were priceless. Nice sense of humor there! And a list of male and female names for players! I confess, I enjoyed this level of detail because it helps the kingdom come alive when running things impromptuly - not only for creating pcs, but writing additional content for this part of the Realms as well. I also like the artwork. It will look nice when they're finished!

What I wouldn't mind seeing more of are villains, intrigues, maybe patrons that would be willing to back adventurers (for the occational piece of a soul or other treasures). Perhaps introduce an organization reputation/status table. The more you do for the kingdom, the more perks an adventuring party can recieve. Maybe a quick quest line of the tests and trials in order to become a War Wizard or a Knight for interested players. And of course I want to see more art. Always more art.

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Cormyr In The Year Of The Ageless One
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