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Cormyr In The Year Of The Ageless One $0.00
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by Tommaso S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/24/2016 10:22:23

This product contains all sorts of nifty details, plot hooks, and useful information to run a campaign in Cormyr.

The Current Clack section includes very detailed rumors that might be heard in taverns, or in the streets, or that coould be found in the broadsheets. it offers many possibilities to go adventuring, while also giving the impression that the world is alive, and that there is all sort of stuff going on at any time.

All the NPCs (including adventuring parties, and some of the famed Cormyrean War Wizards) have a detailed backstory, physical traits, and motivations that make them an organic part of Cormyr, and give them a ''concrete'' feel. They're ready to be dropped in your campaign, and used whenever you need them.

The vistas of Cormyr included in the pdf are also very well written, providing interesting location to visit in a campaign, the history behind them, and further adventure ideas.

All of that is deeply rooted in FR lore, and is greatly helpful to paint a vivid picture of Cormyr (to me, reading the lore in this document felt like reading older FR sourcebooks), but (with a little work, name changing, etc...) many ideas could also be used to enrich any campaign.

The document also includes an appendix for players, providing useful help (like a long list of Cormyrean names, or a ideas to enrich the PC's background and offer more RP opportunities), and an appendix for DMs, which contains the writeup of some unique magic items (complete with an overview of how magic items fit in Cormyr), and of gemstones that can be found in the realm, and their use. The concept artwork in Appendix V does its work in helping to form a mental image of the magic items, and of some places and characters.

It is a very polished work, underpriced IMO. I definitely recommend it.

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Cormyr In The Year Of The Ageless One
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