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The Forgotten - An Otherworldly Patron for Warlocks $0.50
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by Oliver E. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/09/2016 15:47:44

The Forgotten is, to put it simply, broken beyond belief.

The first parts, are fine - some of it is maybe a little strong, but ultimately OK.

Then you get to Exile. An unlimited use power, thats requirement is 'hit a target with an attack', any attack. For that, it gets taken out of combat, it takes 10D10 damage, it is 'vacant', stunned for 7+ hours to 7+ days, insane and suffers Madness.

This is an immediate I Win button for ANY target, as if it surives the initial attack + damage, it's completely incapacitated for hours to days - it's captured or dead regardless.

I got this to check out when it was pay-what-you-want for basically nothing, and it's not worth using at that - at 39p it's a rip off.

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The Forgotten - An Otherworldly Patron for Warlocks
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