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Rusty Ziggurat (Starting Adventure) Pay What You Want
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by A customer [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 06/06/2016 12:33:44

The largest issue I found with this document was the stat substitutions.

Stating that we should use triceratops stats for the antlion and drow stats for the ant princess seemed odd to me.

Antlions are notorious burrowers who use terrain to their advantage. Seeing one attempt to trample and gore an opponent is slightly surreal, and not in a good way. I tend to use the ant lion stats laid out in Necromancer Games' Fifth Edition Foes, although i'm sure other places have conversions of it, or you can always make your own.

Unless i'm mistaken the ant princess is non-humanoid and is incapable of wielding a shortsword or hand crossbow. This is especially strange because the author goes to the trouble of making stats for multiple giant ant variants including a queen. Why not just use that stat instead?

I also would like to see some mention of what type of demon Xylo is, something more that it is a demon disguised as a giant ant. I know it says it flees combat immediately so we don't necessarily need stats but more detail can really help the world come alive. I've been assuming a quasit whispering in the queen's ear just for kicks and passing that along to players who ask.

The fact that the map was not actually included either, just the link to its location, was a minor irritance but one that helped give a feeling that the adventure was still under construction.

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Rusty Ziggurat (Starting Adventure)
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