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Alternative Steeds for Paladins, Volume 2 Pay What You Want
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by Michael K. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 03/20/2016 17:57:03

I’m going to reference the intro by the author for this supplement:

Spice up your Paladin with a more interesting Steed. The parameters for the beasts are as follows; each is a Celestial/Fiendish/Fey modified version of a natural real world animal and each is roughly comparable to a warhorse. So while there won’t be any hippogriffs or dragons in this menagerie, there will definitely be some interesting possibilities. LIKE, A VERY ANGRY BEAR, FOR EXAMPLE!

As a DM who has a Paladin in the party getting ready to get this class feature, I was very excited to see this. No usual warhorse for my campaign, I was going to get something neat-o out of this sixteen page supplement and win the adoration of the masses. Wow was I more than a little disappointed once I opened it up. If you look at the “full-size preview” for Alternative Steeds Pt 2, you get to see all the alternative steeds in the entire entry. Two pages, four steeds. Granted, the four steeds are in fact neat-o (I especially like the Giant Ostrich) but what the heck!

It’s the last bit of the intro that I now refer back too:

Like everything I do, this item includes a quirky story of a paladin with a Fey Mastiff as a steed.

Counting the cover page and 2 actual pages of alternative steeds, that leaves this “quirky story” taking up 13 of the 16 pages of this supplement. If you want me to read your fan fiction, then label the supplement as fan fiction with a little bit extra, don’t set a hook with bait and switch! Please don't take that as a bad review of the story itself, I liked it, but if I'm looking to print out just the relevant steed information and I forget to select a page range, I just wasted a LOT MORE more ink and paper for a two page section. I think it would be better served separating the material into two different documents, so that the folks looking for just game-play content don't have to download all that extra.

It's "Pay What You Want" so pick it up for the two pages, but definitely "Buyer Beware" for this one. I was so angry I wanted to give the supplement one star, but the fact that all four of the available steeds were interesting saved a two star rating for the author.

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Alternative Steeds for Paladins, Volume 2
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