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U1 The Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh (1e)
Publisher: Wizards of the Coast
by Rich F. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 03/06/2015 10:08:50

This is more of a rating of the scan and the support process, rather than the adventure, which others have covered here and elsewhere.

This adventure was put up for sale Nov 1, 2013. It had problems with cropped text from the beginning. Despite two updates (that I can recall), cropped text still exists in the version downloadable today.

I've contacted dtrgp/dndclassics/rpgnow about it at least twice, and contacted WotC once, as they are apparently who handles the scanning and updating/errata, etc... The issue still remains.

We're coming up on nearly 18 months since this was released, and this issue hasn't been resolved. I'm not sure who takes the blame for that, but I don't really think this is acceptable. I also don't think this is the image drivethrustuff and wotc want to put forth. So come on guys, get this, and the other adventures in a similar state, fixed. Pretty please.

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U1 The Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh (1e)
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