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The Bastion: A Protector Class Pay What You Want
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by patrick m. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 09/16/2020 19:36:40

it was very well put together but i felt it was trying to convert 4e mechanics into 5e. Not bad but not my cup of tea.

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Creator Reply:
Thank you for your review!

If the Bastion is not your cup of tea, why not look to the other full classes I have available for free on my website,

To give you a preview:

1. Bowmaster - Ranged Weapon-dedicated fighter, uses Intelligence for Trick Shots and crafting custom arrows . My first ever homebrew class, really rudimentary and straightforward.

2. Esper - Psychic power wielder. An admittedly incomplete/failed class, as it proved too complicated, but you can still see it and some of my thought process.

3. Tinkerer - The supreme crafting class. Build mundane objects and lightning speed, and transform them into pseudo-magic items with your magic engines! There are two versions: 1. the original version, and 2. a shortened version made for EnWorld.

4. The Mudang - Korean Shaman that delegates between the humanoid and spirit realms. Casts spells through the summoning of spirits in an original casting spellcasting system. This one is not available for free. I was commissioned to design it for the Koryo Hall of Adventures Kickstarter. You can pick up a digital or physical copy at

5. The Mistborn - My newest homebrew class, inspired by Brandon Sanderson's Mistborn trilogy. Push and pull metal, soar through the air, and manipulate people's emotions in a modular class without subclasses.
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The Bastion: A Protector Class
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