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Where the Sunflowers Grew $1.00
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by Feike S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 06/10/2021 13:13:24

I liked this modual a lot, especially the subversion of expectations of characters and races. If you get your group and yourself into a Ghibli mindset of spirits and the interplay between nature and industry this modual will work very well. I didn't run it as written and added stuff before and after the adventure. I felt this was needed to give 5 lvl characters a reason to be in the area and do the quest.

The feel of wanderment really sold this campaign for me, priming my players into getting into the ghibli vibe really helped setting the stage for them creating an immersive experience.


Comments/improvements: (spoilers)

The journey from south to north town: There sadly wasn't that much to do in the first 1/3 of the adventure so I moved the slime monster from the Forest to this part.

North Town and Wendel: I found it hard to make Wendel's disbelief of the pollution his factory creates believable. The evidence of the population seems to be readily available even on their way to North Town from South Town.

Forest: This part rests very much on the description of the environment to make it come alive. Some more descriptions would have been nice. Also maybe add more weird ghibli spirits that just pop up and are just there might be interesting to get across that ghibli atmosphere.

Mossy: Amazing NPC loved her and want to reuse her in other adventures

The ending: I was a bit disappointed with the ending because the goddess of nature is just freed from some vines and that is it. So when they free her they all fly back to North Town and confront Wendel, instead of Wendel just surrendering, he uses his factory made inventions to fight back the party. I also implemented a chance for party members to join Wendel against nature. Wendel used a spider like infernal war machine to fight the party with some cannons to help the action economy. After Wendel is defeated the ending plays out as usual. I added the last line to the adventure where the Goddess of Nature says to the party "I hope you will visit me again someday in the place where the sunflowers grew", and they really liked that part.

Thanks for making this adventure, it was my first time being a DM and helped me a lot to understand D&D more.

PS: If you want to see my Wendel Spider War Machine statblock let me know!

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Where the Sunflowers Grew
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