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Wintry Blast $7.95
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by Justin H. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/22/2020 15:22:43

What a really cool product! First of all thank you for the shout out in the thanks section. Inspiration comes from everywhere. I'm glad that we can inspire your creativity. Now that we got that out of the way. I really enjoyed this product, while its a bit bland in the layout from a quick comparison some other products, but don't let that fool ya, hiding behind that layout is a fantastic adventure and well thought out encounter design. It is worth noting that this product does stray away from the traditional wotc formats a bit, but that's ok. The first thing that really jumped out at me was the "Six Truths of the Campaign" section. It reinforces the idea that a dragon is here, and wasn't before. It gives important details to keep fresh in mind. This is a nice touch. It has a table layout with important NPCs with chapters they are introduced in and good descriptions to roleplay off of. I absolutely adore Thymea a friendly yet enigmatic ally. One of the coolest things i liked was when your searching for something, there is a table with what happens depending on the roll of the check. For instance with finding the dragon's den. A high survival roll means they stumble into a mystical wolf during their encounter that aides them in their quest, while a low roll means the characters are lost and suffer a level of exhaustion by the time they finnd there way back. Great use of terrain and survival. From dragons to ogres this has it all. The one thing that i loved and hadn't seen before whas the Secrets and Clues appendix, that you can use to share information through out the campaign with characters in a variety of ways. Highly recommend this bad boy!

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Wintry Blast
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