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DDAL-DRW02 Blood in the Water $4.99
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by A customer [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 12/02/2019 22:43:59

TLDR: If you liked the set up, story and flavor provided in Breaking Umberlee's Resolve, then this mod extends the fun. My party (Con Players) definitely enjoyed it!

Note: My true rating is a 4/5 but I feel like I need to give a 5 for people dinging the author over Teleportation Circle and the combat balancing (really people?)

What went well: Much like the first module in this series, we are given an interesting location to explore and several very imaginative and evocative scenes dripping with flavor. There's two major plots to follow up on (Zehira's quest to find the Librarian, and the more pressing concern of solving a murder) and both have interesting conclusions, particularly the one w the Librarian. Forget Silverbeard, I want to see waaaay more stories involving the Hall of Living Memory!

What didn't go so well: I think there's some general consensus on potential - we've got all the ingredients for this excellent layer cake but it doesn't feel quite baked.

Side Plots and Module Construction - There's legit criticism from other reviews that running two current plots is rough on the players, and neither of them is truly resolved in this module. There's a lot riding on the DM to effectively "shaba shaba" the NPC motivations and move the plot forward, especially when it comes to reconciling the fairly xenophobic attitude of the natives with what the group of random bungling PC's are consistently stumbling into ( trespassing, a potential bombing, potentional desecration of two holy sites, and an outright murder)

Here's a city map, good luck - there's a lot an enterprising DM can do with the city map, or provide more depth with the information given, but Adventurer's League generally limits us to the written description, not the intent. I'm happy to do improv but there feels like there could have been better construction - nodal design, 3 clue rule, or fetch quests across the city with the given encounters to solve the mystery.

For example - the murdered character is relatively important, which meant that the natural step for a serious investigative team would be to make a list of suspects and interview them, establish alibis, get involved w local politics, hear the POV from a Sauhagin or Malenti settler or ambassador, etc. We get none of that. We get do get a guy who got promoted to help out a few weeks ago, but he has no actual details or case file on the murder itself (which made him a suspect in my groups eyes!)

If I were running this out of AL, I would literally cut out the call to action and the second chapter and just start in the city and really give this wierd city a chance to breath, and tie the visit to the Librarian into the first murder somehow.

Not a good nor bad: Mythal - I hate to bring it up, but Window to the Past kind of sets the bar on what Mythal is supposed to do (mainly affect/cancel/enhance various spell castings) and I have a feeling we're going to get some detail retroactively when the epic hits, that may be useful to refer to when you run adventures in Myth Drannor in general. Advice for now - make it up, and use it to balance encounters.

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DDAL-DRW02 Blood in the Water
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