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CCC-BWM-04-02 Thralls of Zuggtmoy: Sanctum of Rot $4.99
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by James A. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/14/2019 02:01:32

Story: Enjoyed the Faerun specific god lore and how authors puts 2 groups at odds over the future of a region in the Flooded Forest.

Exploration The characters get to explore an sanctum of an evil god and her minions. Alot of fun and alot of different ways the group can approached this (stealth vs. all out brawl).

Combat A lot of combat to get to where they need to go. Can avoid some with stealth, but the envionrment makes it hard to do. The combats and adversaries are fun to run for the combats and the finale is pretty amazing and allows the players some say in how it ends. There is some interaction with the environment that will impact combat which was a nice change.

Roleplaying Not a lot but when there is it is a lot of fun with a few NPCs and monsters. Roleplaying impacts bonus objectives which I really liked.

Sandbox vs Linear The goal is linear but getting there is not. Depending how and where they go in the Sanctum will impact their succes or failure.

Maps, Miniatures, etc. The Map is HUGE. Was not a big deal running this on roll20, but a nightmare on table top. Suggest theatre of mind until you get to combats.

Over all an enjoyable module. I would suggest running the pregquel and then this one if pssible with same group.

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CCC-BWM-04-02 Thralls of Zuggtmoy: Sanctum of Rot
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