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Island Adventures: The Pieces Of Eight $6.21
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by Thorarinn T. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 03/26/2020 02:19:08

Running a campaign where my adventurers have their own ship I was looking for some one-shot island adventures and as such this is a perfect bundle. They are very varied, some straightforward but others with quite a twist and combat is not always involved. My team didn´t always take the bait and go ashore, which is OK as I can always use it another day with a bit of modification.

The "Pieces of Eight" angle is supposed to make this a possible campaign but I did not find this feasible. I can not see a logical (even with the low bar set in an adventure world) connection for how these 8 coins should be "known" to be in these locations as most of them seem to be in the possession of travelers and not really hidden on the island themselves. But, I am probably just being picky. That said, this bundle includes really good low-prep, easy to run mini-adventures when you need to add a little spice/distraction to your team´s seaborne travels.

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Island Adventures: The Pieces Of Eight
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