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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by Edwin B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/15/2019 10:01:31

I ran this adventure for my girlfriend on valentine's day. She played the bard, Sir Calvin Delmeade, renamed to Lady Priscilla and altered the backstory accordingly. She has a small amount of experience as a player. We both had fun and enjoyed the session. It only took 2 and half hours. I have been running games for about a year and I normally run over on time. I specifically asked my player if she felt rushed and she didn't and I felt like the pace was good.

I was able to run the adventure nearly verbatium and I didn't need alot of improv except for the social interactions but a short blurb on each character was more useful than some of the offical WotC adventures I run. The author really did a great job of setting up the NPCs. I did change the DCs on most of the perception checks as all the pregens had very good passive perception so 10s I changed to 15s. Our favorite moment was a "cinematic" chase at the end my player was on the edge of her seat. My player due to a fun bit of miscommunication with Remmy also decided that he absolutly disturbed the teleportation spell. I found that funny and didn't correct her who knows maybe he did.

As a dm, I didn't like that of the three pregens we had a bard and a cleric. A bard's main mechanic is bardic inspiration and half the cleric spells are support spells. I think the adventure should have had a retainer or a bodyguard or something to use that support on. Also the ranger's favored enemy is dragons and favored terrian is forest, neather of which are utilized in the game. She was briefly able to use support at the very end of the mission but I had to remind her she could.

The second part I didn't like was starting characters at level 1. I had to fudge some dice rolls like an early critical that would have likely killed my PC. This point is more of an issue with level 1s in general but its very prominent when there is only one PC again retainers/bodyguard/servant would have helped or starting at level 2 or even 3.

I think the characters, the backstories, the maps and the overall experience was excellant and I would recommend this adventure. There is a nice mix of RP/Combat/Learning/Skill challenges and enough fluff to tie it all togehter. The most telling part was my player getting mad when it was over and wanting to keep playing.

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Creator Reply:
Thank you for your thoughtful review! We are so pleased you picked up our little adventure and enjoyed some quality time with your girlfriend.

Apparently we are not great at judging time or just play really, really slow over here. Thanks for letting us know how long it took!

The support classes and balance get a lot better with the return of Garren and your starring PC in our upcoming adventure "Second Glance"!
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