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DDAL08-10 The Skull Square Murders $4.99
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by Henry B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/11/2019 16:38:59

This only gets 2 stars because it is marginally better than other Season 8 content.

The purpose of any module is to provide mechanically sound stories for limited runtimes. The season 8 format continues to be counterproductive to this end.

The only improvement made in this module over other season 8 content is the adventure hook. The players can choose to take the job or investigate the key independently without missing the module.

Beyond the minor improvement of making the Bonus Objectives extra clues in the trail so that the outcome of the Bonus Objectives matters, none of the other Season 8 issues have been addressed. In theory, the players can go anywhere in Skullport, but unless you have a vast knowledge of Undermountain from outside of the module, you can't run that. The infamous demented Flaming Skulls of Skullport are only mentioned in a sidebar as a way to "make things interesting."

The entire module can be completed without any combat, which is good because the final combat is with a Mind Flayer and his Intellect Devourers. This kind of combat is very "first player wins". If the Intellect Devourers act before the players there is a good chance they will start taking over bodies before anything can be done about it and you'll have a TPK. Alternately, if the players go first a little AoE will clean up the Intellect Devourers and make the fight relatively easy.

Another note: The APL adjustments continue to be meaningless. The combats are either incredibly difficult or pathetically easy. One additional problem that seems to have cropped up in 8-10 and 8-11 is a surge in enemy types. These modules are incredibly long because of a variety of stat blocks from the adjustments, even though the adjustments are not well done. I realize that Skullport is where lots of monstrous races make their homes, but for a quick streetfight you can just reskin Thugs and Bandits. I don't need 8 flavors of Hobgoblin printed in the back of the module, especially for a fight that the players should be avoiding.

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DDAL08-10 The Skull Square Murders
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