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CCC-WYC-1-3 The Dawn Heresy $4.99
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by David E. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/16/2019 11:28:14

This adventure concludes the first WYC trilogy. The background of the story depends on DDEP 2 Mulmaster Undone and the CORE 1 trilogy by Baldman Games. The adventure background recommends that DMs familiarize themselves with the CORE 1 trilogy. There are many characters that are from that series. There are also many story awards that characters can take advantage of from that series. It would be good to run CORE 1, a tier 1 series, followed by this trilogy. None in my group had played CORE 1 and I am not familiiar with it, but it wasn't a problem.

This is a ticking bomb adventure. The adventure utilizes a system to keep track of time. I really don't like this sort of mechanic because I am really bad at it, but the time tracker is easy to use with specific times for travel to each activity.

I ran a group of seven with an APL of seven so it should have been average, but I had to beef up some encounters to make it enjoyable. Perhaps it is just me, but I find it difficult to make encounters with a spellcaster as the Boss challenging. Characters immediately target the spellcaster and the caster is often dead before the first round is over. A problem I encountered is that my group finished in well under 12 hours which meant that none of the lair actions or the fire elementals were active in the boss fight. In retrospect I should have ignored the time constraints and used them anyway.

Neither the group I played with or the group I ran chose the Sleepie encounter which is a shame because the enemies are not commonly encountered. Perhaps characters who have already encountered Sleepie in a past adventure would be more inclined choose this path. I would have liked to begin the adventure with the characters encountering Sleepie outside Melvaunt.

Overall, the adventure is a solid ending to a great trilogy set in the Moonsea region. It would be worthwhile to play the Moonsea adventures set in Elmwood, Mulmaster and Melvaunt then play this series as a conclusion.

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CCC-WYC-1-3 The Dawn Heresy
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