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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by Zachary M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 03/18/2019 01:18:01

This was a fun little adventure. As my first shot at being a DM, I found it simple and gave me room to adapt. My Group siderailed it almost right out the gate, so I had to improvise to get them back. Adding a Gaurdhouse location and description would be helpful. Just in case. Thank you.

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Creator Reply:
Hey there Zach,

thank you for your review and critique., it is much appreciated and valued. I personally never felt the need for a guard house during inception and playtest, but don't want to leave you wanting for more. If you ever run this little adventure again for friends we would offer the following quick notes on how the guard house would look like in Kukurbi.

Kukurbi is a town where essentially your neighbor knows what you have eaten for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It's also a more tranquil community, so they don't see the benefit of a dedicated guard house. While the local townsfolk would be escorted home, in case they stir up a ruckus (the usual suspects). More devious offenders would be placed in a repurposed barn or pen until more apt militia from neighboring and bigger communities would arrive to take it from there.

I hope this helps, however if you have another vision for the guard house, feel free to use that instead. You know your group better than anyone else and each game is vastly different!


- Florian
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Serving the Squash
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