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Trouble in Wealdham Pay What You Want
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by Josh K. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/25/2023 09:34:18

Full disclosure: I haven't actually run this adventure...HOWEVER, after reading it through, I think this is a really nice little adventure for starting a campaign that is well-written and set up to be extremely easy for a DM to run. It is particularly designed to be friendly for new DMs (WOTC should really be thankful that folks like this author and others, such as Matt Collville, help ease new DMs into the job...these content creators provide a very important service to our hobby).

Some very nice features:

  • It is written as a fully contained, short adventure that could perhaps be the starting session for your new campaign. It could ALSO be inserted into your existing low-level campaign. For new DMs with new players, it can act as a great starting adventure to get you comfortable with running and playing DND.

  • Pre-generated character backgrounds are included to help new DMs and players who are a bit overwhelmed with how to start.

  • It includes a nice starting village (Wealdham) with interesting NPCs that are well-fleshed out. As a fan of Matt Collville's YouTube channel, Wealdham is reminiscent of the various starting villages he uses to provide options for players to visit in his "sandbox" style campaigns (he often refers to villages like Orlane, Hommlet, etc. from old DND adventures). Wealdham provides a great similar option, and can be used in conjunction with something like Phandelver from Lost Mines of Phandalin to serve the same purpose.

  • The product provides DMs with a Big Bad (the necromancer Faurius Besk), who the players do not fight in this adventure, but could be the recurring villian in your homebrew campaign.

  • Faurius Besk has ties to Waterdeep, and is interested in the factions within Waterdeep, so you could probably use this adventure (or at least the character of Faurius Besk) to supplement as an early adventure in the Waterdeep: Dragon Heist campaign. The author further provides ideas for how to transition from this adventure into Lost Mines of Phandelver or Storm King's Thunder.

  • There is a clearly laid-out flow for how the adventure should proceed.

  • The adventure is VERY easy to read and well organized. It would not be hard for a new (or seasoned) DM to throw this adventure in with little prep.....For new DMs, just make sure to find the monster stat blocks from the various sources where they are published (which are handily listed in the adventure and mostly in the Monster Manual) and have them ready to go in advance. Very easy.

  • It includes alot of information about difficulty and what level your party should be to tackle this. It further includes information along the way about how to scale the adventure to suit your needs. It seems approrpiately scaled for low level parties (most of the antagonists for combat are lower CR undead, and fitting for the Necromancer's nefarious plans).

  • It comes with a very nice battle map for the primary encounter in the crypt.

In general, I highly recommend this (especially for new DMs looking for a place to start). A job well done!

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Creator Reply:
Thanks for your in-depth review, I appreciate it!
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Trouble in Wealdham
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