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Chronicles of Eberron $27.95
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by Jeff G. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/10/2023 11:05:38

Strengths: Creative and imaginative. Wide and deep. Actionable and flexible. Character options are embedded, related and unique.

  • I appreciate the case study style discussion, like the bit on armor and crossbows
  • Ancestry (species) lore and guidance is clutch, especially as this list is always expanding
  • I already had some sense of the Tairnadal elves from novels - I'm pretty meh about the murder cult violence-is-prestige society types but they're explained effectively and given a bit more dimension
  • Both sets of Gnomes are freaking brilliant - avatar elemental people and feywild happy folk
  • The section on "bad guy" faiths is so much better than personified gods - malleable ideals can fit more settings and make better stories
  • Session 0 Eberron Edition is very much something that should have been in the PHB or DMG - BUT I wished it included some advice on how to prevent new players who don't read much from getting overwhelmed by the astronomical amount of material about Eberron
  • Secrets of the Barren Sea and Rierdra open up new campaign settings but with a decidedly different flavors that feel spooky and paranoid
  • Astral plane feels very classic DnD but teeming with new hooks and I appreciate the distinction with spelljammer
  • Demystifying the Karnathi undead is very thought-provoking
  • The Riedra portion alone could be its own mini sourcebook, LOVE that map and the 1984-Matrix feel


  • I want a small map locating each niche nation/culture/city as they're introduced because the Eberron world is very big!
  • Similarly art is so important to not only promoting imagination but also explaining - give us more pictures of these places and peoples - what do The Inspired look like, how might we render an every-day scene in Riedra? How about those rock elemental cannon balls? Some of that new metamagic in-action? A map of Ashtakala?
  • I'd love a glossary/footnotes and/or summary of terms for things like Marbar or Daelkyr or a history of Xen'drik, perhaps an interactive map with where to read more about whatever region; sometimes I have to visit 3 wiki articles to read just a single paragraph and if I'm away from the internet that's hard
  • KB you should pen the Spelljammer and Planescape lore for WotC, you're so much better at it than they are

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Creator Reply:
Thank you Jeff!
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Chronicles of Eberron
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