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The Pugilist Class $9.95
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by Charles B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 09/26/2022 22:18:13

I have really enjoyed this class so far! I see one review gave this a 1-star: ridiculous! That dm clearly struggles with balancing and it's 100% on them.

FINALLY a tanky alternative to the monk- this class lets you REVEL in high str high con. My favorite part is it is mechanically benificial to be in the front line taking hits, losing hp! Your super power is getting the absolute piss knocked out of you, and it just makes you stronger! You have a strong incentive to GET hit, while having a lower AC than the monk and weaker dps than the fighter, and lower hp than the barbarian balances the abilities the pugilist gets. This class is great fun and easily worth the 6$ while still heavily depending on being part of the team. For example I still heavily depend on our ranged fighters, and great weapon master backup since at most by level 8 i can do 4d8 + 20 (36avg, 4 attacks) versus our great weapon masters' 4d6 + 30 (42avg, 2attacks) so its actually quite balanced! Also beautiful art, GREAT subclasses with a lot of RPG potential, well written, well organized. They are given a lot of abilities but some of them are so situational that honestly, your probably not going to use them at all. This class is a tank with limited dps ability but very fun and flexible moxie abilities that really make you feel like a cage fighter (I would know lol). Very fun and a strong front-liner for any situation. And finally a good candidate for the Durable feat- with a +5 con each hit die yeilds +15 hp on a short rest so your pugilist can easily go back to full fury from 1hp so get in there, and get swinging!!

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The Pugilist Class
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