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Tessa Presents 45 Maps for Spelljammer and Light of Xaryxis $4.99
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by Alan C. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 09/18/2022 16:03:03

This pack is a must have for running a spelljammer campaign, whether you're running Light of Xaryxis or not. What is really makes this pack so great are the transparent png ship tokens (with 17 different ships included!). Having transparent ship tokens that you can move around on a map (as opposed to a just a static map of a ship) are essential for running dynamic spelljammer encounters. These tokens come in both full size and mini so you can easily use them regardless of what scale you're using for your spelljammer combat encounters. Even the ship equipment such as ballistae and cannons are available separately tokens so you can load out your ship as you want.

All of the artwork is very good, especially the spelljammer ships themselves. The maps are great and with VTT import files only takes a few seconds to setup saving a lot of DM prep time. The Dungeon Draft files are included so you can tweak the maps to fit your campaign if needed (for example, I was able to easily remove a ship from a map so I could use a different kind of ship for my own campaign). Highly recommended resource pack at a great value!

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Tessa Presents 45 Maps for Spelljammer and Light of Xaryxis
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