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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by Brian S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/07/2022 00:23:08

FINALLY got to run this after AGES of having it my library! This mod has a great atmosphere, a brilliant amount of depth to its key NPCs, an enticing and easy to pitch plot hook, and a structure that is supremely comprehensible. Never once was I confused which part of the PDF I ought to reference based on the choices my players made, nor did my players find their questions lacking sufficient answers (given sufficiently high Persuasion or Investigation checks where appropriate). By the end of this one-shot, I found myself burning with a desire to place this little island village in my main campaign world and weave these NPCs into it. I'm genuinely bummed I won't get to see where they all end up long-term.

I don't have any negatives to speak of (except that Scorch and Chung have no character art to match the rest of the cast). I will say there's a fair amount of Investigation that can be done in the earlier phase of the storyline, and having run at Level 7, some of those Investigation thresholds were easy for my players to surpass. This meant that one of the branching paths near the midway point of the module - the one I might argue would be more fun for the DM - was closed off fairly early, in favor of a path that's vastly more favorable to the players. HOWEVER, given that the prep information for either of these avenues is so clearly accessible, I wouldn't say this is a bad thing. Just something to consider before running.

I will also say, for a module with so much vibrancy to it, I believe "three to six hours" is inaccurate. I ran the opening as tight as I possibly could without forcing my players straight into the tavern, trimmed the overall timeline down, and still found myself needing to run the final encounter in cinematics rather than an all-out combat because we had a hard cutoff at the four-hour mark. My players loved the ending, but I know a couple of them were looking forward to trying some subclass abilities they hadn't tried before, and I was looking forward to running the rather elaborate (but again, VERY clear prep instructions for the DM) final encounter chamber, and the person inside. Therefore, unless you're running this for a group that is primarily into pursuing the loot and not RPing to a large degree, I think five hours would be a more accurate time estimate. This isn't a knock on the module, just an observation on my part.

In short, this is a brilliant adventure that's really easy to prep for! ... just don't expect to actually run it start-to-finish in only three hours.

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Shore of Dreams
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