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The Ultimate Adventurer's Handbook $39.95
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by Justin J. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/13/2022 09:18:40

This book is very very good. There are some write-ups that I'm not crazy about either from the given lore or it not jiving with my preferences for that class at my table but I say that because the actual mechanics! Even the stuff I don't like is designed wonderfully. A list of my favorite fav things in it:

1) the vast majority of races are immediately amazing 2) Cognician Artificer 3) War Chief Barbarian 4) Circle of Branch Druid 5) Armiger Fighter 6) basically all the Rangers 7) Paramour Rogue 8) Oblex Sorcerer 9) Icebound, Librarian, and Titan Warlock Patrons 10) Golemancy, Mnemomancy, and Sigilsmithing Wizards 11) completely reworked Accursed Class, and all its subclasses but one! 12) fine tuned Pugilist Class, and tons of the subclasses 13) too many great spells, Encyclopedia for top tier and Death Shroud for cantrip


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The Ultimate Adventurer's Handbook
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