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EB-05 A Century of Ashes $4.99
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by Meagan W. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/11/2020 21:17:46

I appreciate the RP module after all the overwhelming battle modules...

BUT the Smitten Sage section was off-putting to say the least. Why is this a thing in this day and age? When there is a section in the mod that says "Don't Be Creepy" maybe you should rethink including this section. It is unneccassary and was certainly creepy despite the DM's best efforts. I used the safety tools for the first time ever.

A professor who is trying to date a student? No thanks.

When I DM this, despite it being AL, I am highly considering leaving this bit out or changing it excessively.

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EB-05 A Century of Ashes
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