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Dungeon Master's Guide (1e) $9.99
Publisher: Wizards of the Coast
by KEVIN D. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/29/2020 14:10:26

NOTE: Review for the core Premium POD set of 1e books delivered to me as a set (DMG, PH, MM & UA). Guessing most people who are buying one of these core books, are going to grab them all, so this applies for the lot.

Went for premium POD on this book and not disappointed. Most people buying 1e stuff know what they're getting into and can read plenty of reviews on 1e core books elsewhere for the game style itself. This is more about the product print quality and what arrives at your doorstep.

For newcomers to 1e, used to the whitespace and larger text of a lot of more modern systems, you are getting a TON of textual information for your money. It might come as a bit of a shock just how much there is packed in these books (especially the DMG: it's renowned for good reason). You will be happily kept busy reading these for a long, long while.

The book prints themselves looks fantastic: Covers are all unified in colour tones, shading and look great (was worried about the Unearthed Arcana as the pic on Drive Thru looks faded but no issues with print). Inside, the blacks are deep for all the pictures and the text is very clear and legible, no blurred text and everything look high contrast on the decent quality paper. Quickly flipped through them all and nothing stood out as greyish or faded (which seems to happen with some POD's). That old-school art looks great.

I had forgotten how small and dense the text was in the book (so, so, dense!) as I'm used to looking at the PDF. I'm 50 and wear glasses and didn't have issues reading any of the text in decent light so I feel Premium POD is worth the money.

Saved a bundle getting POD as the prices of the originals in decent condition now are madness. Also, no, ahem, extra recent disclaimer included in the books: as far as I can see, they look true to the originals. Whatever your stance on it, there is your answer.

Was a slight dent on corners due to shipping on a couple of the books: Drive Thru should at least bubble wrap the books as they're right up against the cardboard and take any impact damage. I won't take a star off as this is more of a luck thing with shipping but something to consider. There were no tears and the bindings are solid and covers are fine.

A great purchase that should last for years. I'm happy. Highly recommend.

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Dungeon Master's Guide (1e)
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