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EB-05 A Century of Ashes $4.99
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by Kelwyn G. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 06/18/2020 23:30:48

It's hard for me to not to be overwhelmingly negative about this module.

  • Temporary characters that no-one had any investment in.
  • Instant death rules for those temps, so I had a player who died, then sat and did nothing for 45 minutes. I had warned the party that the dungeon had many traps, that it had killed the unclaimed temp characters, and even let the first player who got killed stay at 1HP instead. The player who died went on mute and basically dropped out of the whole session, and let me know afterwards they did not enjoy it at all.
  • Fights you are forced to lose are not fun.
  • None of our character had any interest in going to Sharn: after ELW we were excited about seeing more of the world, and yet here we are back again. I had to shut down an in-character discussion and just Word of God them that yes, they were getting on the train and going to the city, that was their only option.
  • If I have to repeatedly clarify to the players that the romance bit is not creepy, it probably actually is creepy.
  • Temporary magic items that don't follow the rules for the rest of the game.
  • Forced / strongly implied inter-party combat. Even more chances for players to sit around and not be involved!

I've been playing with this group for 3 years now and no-one at the table enjoyed this module, including me.

I'm really sorry to write this review, but honestly I came out of the session feeling sad and that I had let my players down. I'm not even sure what I could have done to improve the session without either risking breaking the unknown plot in the future or just throwing it all out and making something up myself.

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EB-05 A Century of Ashes
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