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EB-05 A Century of Ashes $4.99
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by A.J. F. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/21/2020 00:28:49

So I just finished running this adventure tonight in our weekly (temporarily online) Adventurers' League meetup. Overall it was well-written, nicely paced, and refreshingly creative. Both for AL, and in particular for the Oracle of War set of modules which have been fun but tend to be very combat-centric.

The party has moved on from the Mournland, taking the lightning rail from Salvation into the shining gem, Breland's coastal city of Sharn.


  • Adventure length and timing is just right, perfect for 4 hour session
  • The various legacy events were used effectively to showcase a number of optional paths giving some power to the choices characters have made thus far in the campaign
  • The flashback was incredibly fun to DM and for the players as well. They took their last gasps as they were burned to a crisp and Irullan came in with her golf clap, scooping the Crystal Skull out of their crispy little hands.
  • The whole setting of Morgrave University was well-done and everyone found it satisfying. Particularly, the student muggers and the exorbitant library day pass fee ;) Just like real university, right?


  • The romance scene was way too awkward and we ended up skipping it, the players preferred to intimidate Zull Mar instead to get his key, since he was made to be creepy. We all liked the idea of a social-only scene and hope to see more of that kind of thing in the future, but the players had some good ideas for improvements (why not something a bit more benign like - give him a makeover or teach him to be more confident, etc. rather than all the spying and stalker-type activity).

Thanks to Bianca Bickford for a great entry in the Oracle of War campaign! Looking forward to further adventures of this nature.

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EB-05 A Century of Ashes
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