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When Black Roses Bloom (2e) $4.99
Publisher: Wizards of the Coast
by Jay G. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/12/2020 10:20:59

Lord Soth is an iconic character in two competely separate D&D campaign settings and any adventure featuring him as the protagonist is going to have high expectations. When Black Roses Bloom easily delivered on my (an experienced Ravenloft DM) and my players' (huge DragonLance fans) expectations.

The basic setup for this module is that the land of Sithicus is coming apart at the seams as as Soth who has for years been tormented by inaccurate retellings of his own story is now living through inaccurate dream visions of his own life. The players take on a series of short missions which effectively take them on adventuring tour of Soth's life.

In my opinion Lisa Smedman was one of the most underrated writters of this era in TSR adventures. When Black Roses Bloom is a perfect combination of interesting and challenging gameplay tied to an amazing compelling story. Playing through this adventure for my group also undid one of my personal frustrations about Lord Soth, he's always felt like the Boba Fett of the DragonLance story in that he's been 'iconic' without his backstory necessarily feeling relevant. After playing through When Black Roses Bloom my players felt far more connection between Soth's story and failings and who he actually is as a character.

When Black Roses Bloom is one of my favourite Ravenloft modules and I think is a definite must-have for any DragonLance fan. I'd also like to add that I got my copy fairly recently and it might be a newer scan but I did not have any of the issues with my POD copy that were mentioned in the posts dated 2018 in the discussion section.

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When Black Roses Bloom (2e)
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