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Puzzles, Predicaments, and Perplexities II $4.95
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by Cameron D. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 12/10/2019 07:40:22

When Steve first reached out to me to do a review for PPPII, I got super interested cause I will admit I didn't know there was a first one - which now I need to invest in. So, what Puzzles, Predicaments, and Perplexities II offers - that all DMs should grab - is a bunch of new...well...puzzles, predicaments, and perplexities. I will admit, I stink at coming up with good puzzles for my D&D games, I have never been good at it and a lot of the time they really crash and burn. However, with this handy dandy book, I now have all the tools to truly stump my players and leave them confused for hours, and not just have them stream roll through my encounters. I think my favorite scenario from the book is Ride the Lightning - without going into too much detail, it is quite a shocking experience and is both comical and extremely deadly. Overall, this is a wonderful book with great layout and design, and for any DMs who enjoy taking their games to the next level, you should get a copy. Comics, Clerics, & Controlllers d20 Roll: Nat 20

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Puzzles, Predicaments, and Perplexities II
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