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Hellbound Heists $15.95
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by Cameron D. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 09/29/2019 15:30:38

Must...remain...calm...Okay, screw it, I can't. I FLACKING LOVE THIS BOOK! Adventure anthologies are always so cool to me cause you get to see so many styles coming together to create something cohesive and amazing - and Hellbound Heists is no exception at all. With nine amazing new heist-themed adventures set across the Nine Hells, this massive endeavor has brought some of the greatest minds on the Guild into one sulfur-smelling heavy-metal-spitting quest collection - all individuals who I have massive respect for. I am not going to get into details since I want to ensure that all of you have a chance to get it and see them for yourselves (but, definitely try out 6:66 to Mephistar if you can, my favorite), but know that the amount of detail, replay value, artfully done layout and visual storytelling beyond stellar encounter design makes this book stand out so much. And that is why I am honored to give it a Comics, Clerics, & Controllers Golden d20 Badge, cause gang, you earned it.

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Hellbound Heists
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