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Warriors of Sehanine $4.95
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by Seb W. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/09/2019 09:47:30

This adventure holds a special place in my heart as I had only just become active on twitter shortly before the previews and hype for the release began. From the moment I saw the art, style and flavour I just knew this was going to be something special, and by the starlight twinkling bow on Sehanine Moonbow's bow, this really more than lived up to the hype and knocked my knickerbockers off!

Having now seen much more of the creators' works, I'm not all surprised that this D&D dream team working together produced a truly magnificent product.

The story is fantastic and manages to give so much detail and so many options for how the DM and players can approach elements and their results without being overwhelming. The secrets and subplots are wicked and wonderful. I became so engrossed in the tale and the history of the Warriors of Sehanine that I audibly gasped in shocked sadness at some of the less than positive possible endings.

The Forest of Sharp Teeth, its inhabitants and the elves themselves truly feel alive, and it is easy to imagine their comings and goings with or without the game, that is to say they are brought to life in such a vibrant and emotionally ensnaring manner. There is just something about the writing and descriptions that gave me far more vivid mental imagery than many other adventures (even some official WOTC), so I felt as if I were reading a novel - (Hey D&D Dream Team: Please write a Warriors novel or short stories about the Forest of Sharp Teeth, please!).

Making the travel through the forest a hex crawl really allows the players to explore and experience the random and planned encounters, which is perfect as the planned encounters are detailed, exciting, have significant effect on the continuing story and are extremely adaptive. Each one could be expanded into a one shot of their own...which is exactly what the D&D Dream Team™ (this is becoming an official title for y'all) have done, so not only is there some fun with a sweet old lady in the woods as an encounter, there's a fully expanded one shot version in the appendix! The effects of doing, not doing and the results of the planned encounters are felt throughout the exploration of the keep.

The descriptions of the keep are spectacular and set out for to give the information needed, expanding upon it and the result of previous events and the NPCs the party may have with them. There are so many ways for the players to approach and explore the keep, as well as myriad options for where and how they encounter its denizens. But again the layout and understanding of how these are presented never feel overwhelming, there are simply many options for the DM to have for planning and/ or reacting to the players and the game.

The artwork, character design, maps, handouts and layouts speak for themselves, and are breathtakingly beautiful and wonderfully detailed. It begins with the cover and ends with the included TrashMobMinis, almost certainly the most beautiful artwork and sumptuous models on the market. There is just such attention to detail in the presentation that elevates and stands shoulder to shoulder with the quality of writing and the adventure.

I just can't say enough good things about this truly special product. I'm flabbergasted and in love with all of it. I cannot thank the Dream Team™© for sharing their talent and passion, creating something surprising and special.

While you're at it you really should check out everything else the members of the D&D Dream Team™©® have produced as there are so many wonderful things to see and play after this to continue your adventures!

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Warriors of Sehanine
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