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Warriors of Sehanine $4.95
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by Jay G. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 10/03/2020 08:19:47

The two things that initially drew me to Warriors Of Sehanine were the amazing visual presentation and the all-star creative team behind the project.

The cover is beautiful and atmospheric, the rendering of the two characters on the cover reminded me of the best of 2nd edition cover art and I particularly liked the use of the firefly jar as a lantern. In addition I should point out that this module is 38 total pages and includes full colour art or maps to this same standard on 15 of those 38 pages, this is honestly one of the most visually appealing products I've gotten from DMsGuild to date.

The creative team made this an easy choice for me as well as two of the credited writers are Ashley Warren (Winter's Splendor, Labyrinth Of Thorns, Uncaged) and JVC Parry (Call From The Deep) both of whom have produced material that I have previously given 5 star reviews to on DMsGuild and have produced some absolutely fantastic material that I have enjoyed in the past.

Beyond the visual elements and the reputation of the creative team I have to say that Warriors Of Sehanine is an extremely interesting and challenging adventure where the characters are tasked with rescuing two children while overcoming a Black Dragon. While the premise of the adventure is on it's surface quite simple the layering built in with; various NPC motivations, as well as some interesting forest encounters, rival factions that can change the level of difficulty, as well as something of a ticking clock element give this adventure a lot more depth that it's page count might initially lead you to believe.

The background for the adventure is set firmly in the Forgotten Realms but it wouldn't take much effort to rework the module into another fantasy forest setting if your game takes place in a different campaign setting.

Definitely worth a purchase and if you're like me and your print your DMsGuild content splurge and get a colour copy of this one!

[5 of 5 Stars!]
Creator Reply:
Thank you for your well thought out and lenghty review. I do hope you have or had tons of fun running it!
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Warriors of Sehanine
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