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Grand History of the Realms (3.5) $9.99
Publisher: Wizards of the Coast
by A customer Date Added: 07/02/2019 19:58:13

This is probably the best book ever written about the Forgotten Realms. It has everything. Everybody should own a copy of it.

However, the PDF version is the worse PDF I have ever purchased. It is not searchable. Each page is an image scan and the scans are not even full page scans - there's white space margin around the outside of the scanned page. At least the PDF has bookmarks (TOC).

I bought both and I'm waiting for my POD to arrive. If the POD is as bad as the PDF - then I'll request a refund. If the POD is fine, then I'll update my review to 2 stars.

I know, I didn't even look at the PDF preview. I was too excited to order this, but I had moderate expectations that an official book would be of decent quality standards - especially THIS book.

The book is a 5 star book. This PDF is a 1 star. The POD will be rated once it arrives.

Buy this book on ebay or amazon, and avoid the PDF and POD until they put effort into doing a quality scan of this great book.

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Grand History of the Realms (3.5)
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