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Plane Shift: Dominaria $0.00
Publisher: Wizards of the Coast
by Paul C. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 11/28/2018 22:15:07

Again, not knowing the M:TG side of things, I cannot attest to accuracy or how well this product relates, but I did find it less useful than other Plane Shifts for a D&D game.

From the 'stealing from this for your home game' there is nothing here really. Not much crunch anyway.

There are a couple of races: the birdfolk aven (without the subraces as presented in Amonkhet) which are pretty basic really; and the Keldons (large humans). I do like how different human groups are distinguished and this race certainly stands out and could be used a template for any human, cold-dwelling barbarians. (One racial feature I have a slight problem with though is 'Keldon Resilience'. This grants proficiency in Strength saving throws which kind of persuades a player from NOT playing a fighter or barbarian - the recommended classes for this race. I would add Expertise-type text so that this feature also benefits Keldons that take on barbarian and fighter). There is talk of merfolk but they don't get a write-up (though I know they did in other Plane Shift articles).

The land itself and the divisions of people sounds very interesting. It looks like a very good setting, but this Planeshift does not give a lot away. One of the large headings is 'The Seven Pillars of Benalia', but does not make clear what those 'pillars' are. If you are very familiar with Dominira already the lack of information in here probably won't bother you - and b/c the setting is already 'standard' fantasy, it is spelled out there is not a lot you need to do.

If you get this for crunch, there is not much. A couple of races (one a human variant), some bonds and signature spells for an evil cult, oh, and some very cool reptillian creatures (the elves ride) with stats.

This Planeshift is less useful than Amonkhet (which I just reviewed), but it does have me intrigued about the plane. I love the map and it does sound like a pretty straight forward fantasy setting. I also like the races and relationships between them. Even better, I like that many standard races seem to be absent. I am a strong believer in settings being defined as much by what they do not have.

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Plane Shift: Dominaria
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