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Murder in Baldur's Gate (5e) $17.99
Publisher: Wizards of the Coast
by David R. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 10/30/2017 16:04:09

If you're looking for a resource to fully flesh out Baldur's Gate, this adventure has an abundance of goodies for you: from maps, to historical backgrounds, to important NPCs, to random encounters, it will help make the city feel like a real, living community for your players.

I bought this adventure to help fill what seemed like a pretty big hole in Horde of the Dragon Queen: the adventurers find themselves waiting around in Baldur's Gate for a tenday, and the adventure has exactly zero information about one of D&D's most iconic locations! I think the idea is to handwave the time away, but one of my players had been begging to visit a city, and I wanted to give him that opportunity. It seemed a shame to do otherwise. I can highly recommend using this product for that purpose, but I do have a couple of observations about doing so:

  1. This is a level 1-3 adventure, and HOTDQ will hit this at Level 4. For most of the adventure, this doesn't matter. However, for the two big fight moments, you may find your PCs a bit overpowered. I didn't mind this, but I imagine some might find it anticlimactic. If you are industrious, I'm sure you could look at the challenge ratings of those encounters and tweak the stats to make it tougher. Keep in mind you do have to convert the D&D Next stats to 5e. There are resources online to help you do that.
  2. You may have to speed some of the events along to make them happen in the tenday the PCs are supposed to be there. Or you could simply delay events of HOTDQ to have them stay longer. I did a bit of both.
  3. HOTDQ has the option to use milestone XP, which I do. I decided to award them each a level for their efforts in this. They'll come into the subsequent episodes a level greater than expected, but since I have a small party, I think that's okay. If you tracked XP for this, I imagine that you'd really have to award it for non-combat stuff. Otherwise, some players might be miffed at spending so much time on this without making any progress towards the next level.

In terms of the adventure itself, my players found it engaging, but there isn't a whole lot of fighting. You might want to make sure your players understand what they're getting into. It can be a bit misleading since the adventure basically begins with a battle. Depending on how players navigate the events, they may not doing much fighting again until the very end.

There was a lot of room for creativity and great roleplay, but by the time we finished, my players were ready to move on and get back to trying to stop the dragon cult. And battles. They really want more battles.

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Murder in Baldur's Gate (5e)
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