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B8 Journey to the Rock (Basic)
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Publisher: Wizards of the Coast
by Martin S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 10/07/2016 12:10:31

This adventure is a very good low-level adventure. The characters are tasked with journeying to a place simply called The Rock, and bringing back its secret. The players can choose one of three paths to reach their destination, each path offering different challenges and different environments.

Once they finally reach their destination, the characters will have to face a Crone of Chaos before finding a way to enter The Rock. Once they get in, they will have to choose wisely if they wish to discover the secret hidden here.

I really liked this adventure because it offers encounters with a large variety of adversaries and not all of the encounters are resolved by combat. Several can be resolved with negotiations and wise choices. Each of the three trails also has two encounter tables, one for daytime and one for night time. This is something that is rarely seen in recent adventures, but something that makes a lot of sense and makes life easy for GMs. As for the encounters tied to the story, most of them are nice and fun. A few feel like filler or seem a bit strange, but they can be easily modified or replaced.

Interestingly, once the characters reach The Rock, the GM has two options on how to end the adventure based on how hard the ending should be for the characters. Once of them is a non-combat option which is nice to see since the fight with the Crone of Chaos could have been hard on the characters.

After the conclusion, there a great section on how to run additional adventures using the material found here and suggestions as to where to place the adventure in the context of the campaign world developed for D&D. The ending also provides a kind of lesson for the players that All that glitters is not gold. I have not seen this very often in roleplaying games.

While the encounters provided are interesting and that the adventure itself is well written, it is also pretty straightforward. Besides choosing one of three trails, the characters pretty much follow the trail and get to their destination. Advice is given should the players choose to travel without using the roads. At least, the encounters are varied and bring diversity to an otherwise pretty straightforward story.

If you like old school gaming, I believe that this adventure can be easily adapted to other rules set and even if not played as is, it has good material for scavenging.

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B8 Journey to the Rock (Basic)
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