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Hamund's Harvesting Handbook: Volume 3 $10.00
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Hamund\'s Harvesting Handbook: Volume 3
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Hamund's Harvesting Handbook: Volume 3
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by Kevin M. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 11/30/2020 15:18:11

This is Drifters Game Workshop's third installment of the Harvesting Handbook series and it truly delivers once again.

Harvesting rules are short, sweet, and easy to understand while making logical sense withing the game's framework.

While I haven't had time to thoroughly check out every single monster included and every single item that can be crafted, the ones I have used are very well done. The harvestable materials make sense while not being excessive. There's excellent physical descriptions to help a DM integrate them seemlessly.

The items are unique, well thought out, and at a variety of rarity and power levels to give plenty of options. I've used some items from the previous installments in my games and they feel well balanced, and these ones appears to be too, though I haven't had time to incorporate them yet.

The subclasses are a new feature this installment and one of the things I was most interested in. There are definitely some...unique...abilities included. Thematically I love them and have a few ideas for future characters, but I do feel some parts of them fall a litle short compared to published and other 3rd party subclasses. But if you are more RP/Thematic focused than min/max focused, these subclasses are fantastic.

The "Have-Nots" continue to be one of my favorite features as mini side-quests that can be inserted in nearly anywhere to give some variety to a campaign, fill in some gaps, or just as open-world options to dangle in front of your players. They're unique and decently fleshed out while remaining easy to drop and go.

Unfrotunately this brings us to the one downside to the entire book, but honeslty I put this more at fault of WotC than DGW, Crafting. While they've done a good job expanding it and incorporating the new items and crafting types, the entire crafting mechanic in 5e is just flat in my opinion. I'd love to see something additional from one of Hamund's associates from one of his adventures that gives more life to the crafting in 5e and these books.

Overall, this is a steller book and an amazing continuation of the Hamund series. It was an immediate purchase of mine and is already in my campaign's library for when these foul beasts get slain.

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