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Encounters in Icewind Dale $6.95
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Encounters in Icewind Dale
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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by Andrés L. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 12/26/2020 11:12:08

Wonderful content! This deensly packaged product contains many little encounters to add to your Icewind Dale game (or well, any artict game). Personally I am not into adding "Random Encounters" for the sake of adding encounters, but even with that in mind there is a lot of value on this product: Many new artic monsters! RotFM already added many artic variations to known monsters and this one adds even more, I specially love the goblins and orcs as I felt that RotFM missed their chance on enhancing this well known enemy which are prominent on the adventure. MAPS! Due to social distancing I have been forced to play this adventure with VTT which means that I need plenty of maps. Even if I don't use some of the random encounters of this product, I have enough maps here to add to my game. Do I lack a map for the encounter with goblins in the middle of the tundra in the Foaming Mugs quest? there's a map for that. Meeting the goliath werebear in the mountains? Well I can pull a map from here now. Nice ideas. Some encounters are really inspiring and fill me with ideas to add to my campaign, the "Pick a side" is so simple yet I love how it helps reflecting the harsh reality of Ten-Towns. "Competition Time" is also great as yet another game to add for my Barbarian and Goliath PCs to compete.

I only have some really minor nitpicks:

  • The bolded light blue headers over white background are painful to read.
  • The maps that appear on pages of the product need some border or framework, otherwise it looks like they were forcefully pasted. It doesn't help that they are more often than not aligned to the border of the page instead of centered or with a good margin.
  • It includes a separated .rar file with maps, great! Just as a little extra benefit I would like for the file name to contain the size of the map in squares (Ice battle map 21x21 for example). This helps a lot while importing maps into VTT
  • Quoting Nerdimmersion: "Why doesn't it have bookmarks?"

[5 of 5 Stars!]
Creator Reply:
Thank you so much for you review Andrés! It really means a lot! Aside from the size in the map name file, which I have already included in more recent products, I will apply your suggestion in next products. Regarding the bookmarks, the current PDF version lost the hyperlinks during the compression. I compressed the PDF again and it is now available for download again, with hyperlinks. Thanks for the heads up!
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