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The Blackstaff's Book of 1000 Spells
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by Connor W. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 04/27/2020 15:11:58

An amazing book for all my players. This does a lot of things well that I can't absolutly begin to describe.

  1. It emphasis entirely new character backstories and playstyles. More melee spells, more spells for subclasses (You could play a abjuration wizard now with an actual arsel of abjuration spells.) Many spells emphasis creating a creative playstle and plenty are great for in and out of combat adding to all avenues of play.
  2. Spells for DMs. All of these could be used as a player but as a DM many of these spells define entire villians or emphasis an interisting fight and the possibility of fun new monster encounters. The vampire spells particularly coming in useful with my current campaign.
  3. Spells that aren't without dangers. Some spells have a powerful upfront ability then a negative attached aswel. I love this high risk high reward idea attached to spells. Helps add a new level of consideration behind the dangers of manipulating powerful magic.
  4. Lore spells, this book is filled with familiar characters and their spell developments. My players love lore and more spell lore is always great.

I do think this book needs some updates as their are many typos and text inconsistencies but that will not stop it from being a book added to my games going forward.

[5 of 5 Stars!]
The Blackstaff's Book of 1000 Spells
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